Entrepreneurial spirit - surfing in taahe marketing ,ahead of competitors
Corporate vision - a hundred years ahead of international advance
Enterprise mission - Achievements shared sense of commitment
Core values ​​- honesty and trustworthiness win-win cooperation
Action thinking - task results
Talent Concept - people-oriented; merit, expertise and resources, after the first German, ability and integrity
Business idea - to guide and meet customer demand, stimulate and achieve employee wishes to pursue and create business value.
 Enterprise management guidelines - provide a systematic approach for behavioral science, rational allocation of resources to provide for standards development provides an ideal perfect for humanity.
Founding corporate foundation - to treat customers, to Germany first; treatment of shareholders, to Germany reported; treat employees, after the first German, ability and integrity; treat companies to the rule of law; face of government and society, respect for social ethics; Faced with partners
                            Germany insisted rather lose money losing, rather defeat the principle of non dishonesty.
Coexisting conditions - businesses rely on staff to provide timely and effective results and survival, and the staff of organization, discipline and perseverance is an important guarantee to provide timely and effective results; employees by enterprises to provide timely and effective resource for survival, while prices
                     Strain of the industry, stability and sustainable development is to provide timely and effective resources is an important guarantee.