• 2014
    Disney bright plastic cups products and first-profile series of antimicrobial mug listed across the board; First product fully settled Carrefour, Wal-Mart and other front-line super system more than 5,000 stores
  • 2013
    First Group total revenue exceeded 50 billion yuan; Joint Wanli University, Zhejiang Wanli first established collaborative innovation design center
  • 2012
    Lu Guang, chairman of the party and state leaders along with General Secretary Xi Jinping visited the United States, Ireland and other countries; First joint venture between the Group and Xinhua News Agency, Xinhua, Zhejiang Mobile Media Ltd was established; Advance the restructuring of the domestic marketing center was established in Zhejiang Industry & Trade Co., first; Zhejiang Industrial Co., Ltd. was first identified as high-tech enterprises
  • 2011
    General Secretary Hu Jintao, Chairman Sui Lu Guang (when he was) and other party and state leaders attend the G20 summit; Domestic market was officially launched, "first" brand officially unveiled the 105th China Daily Fair. First entered into a collaboration with Disney, opened the international market strategy
  • 2010
    "First" product was named "Zhejiang export brand", "first" trademark was named "Zhejiang Famous Brand"
  • 2009
    Driving first trainees for the first time exceeded 10,000 people, won the "Top Ten driving training institutions in Zhejiang Province," the title
  • 2008
    The company organized the "5.12" Wenchuan earthquake relief donations, donations totaling more than 100 million.
  • 2007
    Committee of the Communist Party of China Group was formally established in advance. Lu Guang was elected chairman of the Tenth CPPCC National Committee members, Zhejiang Province. "Advance" trademark was judicial identified as "China Famous Brand."
  • 2004
    Bai Wei Group and the first joint venture company in Hong Kong, Ningbo Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. UNITA.
  • 2003
    China · first group officially formed successful.
    Lu Guang Group chairman first elected to the Tenth National People's Congress of Zhejiang Province
  • 2002
    First Group Limited Incorporated inject 108 million yuan
    Group officially settled first Yongkang Economic Development Zone present site
    Zhejiang Import and Export Co., Ltd. has set up in advance, Yongkang first driver training Co., Ltd. Yongkang first, Yongkang first Electric Co., Ltd., Yongkang first electric car five subsidiaries.
    Li Yongkang, founder of the investment company private high school.
  • 2001
    Economic Development Zone in Yongkang purchase 77,000 square meters, the first phase investment of 55 million expansion of the modern factory.
  • 2000
    Investment in the construction of industrial zones Lee shop first electrolysis plant. Establishment of the Shanghai branch of first export.
  • 1999
    The company was awarded the "China Top 500 Private Enterprises."
  • 1998
    Enterprise renamed "Zhejiang Industrial Co., first." Approved by the State Economic and Trade Commission, companies import and export right.
  • 1996
    Research and development of new products, stainless steel kettle, for the first time following a well-known Japanese company stainless steel kettle orders.
  • 1995
    Plant expansion again, new 7000 square meters factory area.
  • 1994
    Successful development of the first generation of stainless steel vacuum flask.
  • 1992
    Refrigerator plant moved Yongkang Great Wall Industrial Zone, and renamed "Commercial Machinery Factory Yongkang Great Wall."
  • 1986
    Company founder Lu Guang by 4000 yuan funds after Fangyan shallow founder of the "Ge Yang attachment chiller plant", the main production popsicle mold.
  • September 2, Yongkang CPPCC Standing Committee, Lu Guang first chairman of the CPPCC invited to have a back seat to visit the old leadership to guide the work ahead.

  • August 17, 2014, Zhejiang Xinhua mobile media company held a first session lasted all day salon product managers, participants on new trends in the mobile media launched a fierce debate.

  • August 14, leading Japanese customers come first, Group Chairman Lu Guang and guests on cooperation between the two sides conducted in-depth exchanges.

  • August 7, Liu Jinhua, vice chairman of the CPPCC net Philippines come first study guide

  • 2014.7.26, Xinhua News Agency Asia-Pacific bureau chief Ju Mengjun total five members of his visit Zhejiang New Media New Media shifting bases in Zhejiang Daily offices in the Asia-Pacific base was established.

  • 2014.6.20, Xinhua News Agency technical bureau director Lu Rui, GAO Lian Tao, deputy director of Zhejiang new shift line media companies were investigated, to negotiate cooperation.

  • Zhejiang Party Secretary Zhao wishes cordial conversation with the party secretary Li Jun

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